Empowering Nepal Through Data

The Nepal Statistical Society (NeSS) is a professional organization that aims to promote the development and dissemination of statistical knowledge and practice in Nepal. Founded in 2071 BS, NeSS is most respected statistical societies in the country.
The society brings together professionals and academics who are passionate about statistics and its applications. ……………….

Executive members


Ram P. Khatiwada


Krishna P Acharya

Vice President

Nabaraj Poudyal

General Secretary

Shova Nani Shakya



Legends of Statistics

Prof. Dr. Mrigendra Lal Singh

Professor Dr. Migrendra Lal Singh is a distinguished academic and researcher whose work has made significant contributions to the field of statistics, both nationally and internationally. His research and teachings continue to inspire and influence statisticians and researchers in Nepal and beyond.

Prof. Dr. Devendra Chhetry

Professor Devendra Bahadur Chhetri is a well-known statistician from Nepal who has made significant contributions to the field of statistics in the country. He has an impressive academic background and has worked extensively in both academia and research.


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Membership Categories

General Member and Life Member

General Member

Rs 500/-

Per year


Life Member

Rs 3000/-

One time